Custom 3D Assets in Augmented Reality

Bring your production's VFX workflow into the 21st century and preview the CG assets in your scene before you've even started filming.

"It’s made things much easier and given me more confidence in my locations. Suddenly the scene can come alive right before you."
- Barny Revill, Director

PreviewAR is the easiest way to view your 3D assets in the real world, providing endless options for modernising your current workflows. Import textured, animated files in the following formats:

.obj     .usd     .usdz     .dae     .fbx     .3ds     .zip

PreviewAR can import files from cloud services like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, or local documents through the Files app and display them in your surrounding environment. Your files never leave your device, and there's no internet connection required - perfect for sensitive or NDA-protected projects!

There are an increasing number of ways that PreviewAR can be used throughout a variety of industries. Current uses include:

  • Virtual Production Studio: Record animated or static assets in your scenes and cut together your own short-film or virtual production without needing an exhaustive post-production pipeline
  • Location Scouting: Use the Cinema Camera emulation to quickly frame up shots at potential scene locations and snapshot all the details for review later
  • On-set Reference & Approval: Display CG characters and elements on-set for quick reference and client approval
  • Production Design: Fast-track building and testing your sets for studio/soundstage visualisation with real-world scale AR and dynamic lighting options
  • Quick Reviews: Easily inspect and review assets for custom VR/AR content without complicated review and publishing workflows

I'm working as a creative director in an event company. I loved your app PreviewAR, I always needed an app like this to demonstrate my projects.


Industrial Designer

The app is great. I’ve been really enjoying using it ... I’m currently using the app to preview assets so that I can work out framing issues and be confident of final compositions.


VFX Supervisor, ILM

PreviewAR provides a wonderful shortcut to viewing a 3D asset and sharing that experience with others in the room, without need for a headset. Its application on a sound stage is quite amazing - it's allowed us to quickly see a potential set build without harming the budget.


Art Director, Painting Practice

Having a guide to how large that asset is in shot, how we can frame it, what kind of lenses we might need are all super valuable to help me assess what location may work or not.


Director, Silverback Productions

PreviewAR is giving me an incredible boost in creativity


Available on

iPhone & iPad

Compatible with all iOS devices that support ARKit, you can take the PreviewAR experience with you anywhere. Use the larger display of the iPad when you're on-set for many to see, or make the most of the iPhone's portability if you want to check your modelling and texture work in the studio.


Redefine your entire workflow


Import .obj, .usd, .usda, .usdc, .usdz, .dae, .fbx, and .3ds 3D files, and almost any texture image format. Plus .mtl support!

Refined Controls

Perform everything from the one screen thanks to the redesigned control drawer. It provides an immersive AR experience while allowing detailed control of each asset and the scene as a whole - all without leaving the session.

Multiple Assets

Bring multiple assets into your scene for the ultimate visualisations, and easily manage them and their textures in the Settings page. There are no restrictions on asset size or asset quantity with PreviewAR.

On-set Accuracy

Emulate the sensor size and crop factor from common cinema cameras while also simulating focal lengths up to 1000mm! These controls together with real-world scale accuracy let you frame up your scene as accurately as possible.

More Features

All these extras make it easier than ever to transform your pipeline

Secure & Private

All computation and asset management is performed on-device, perfect for sensitive or NDA-controlled assets.

Immersive AR

The minimal interface can be hidden to provide an even more immersive experience by tapping on an empty area of the scene.

Lighting Modes

Toggle between an ambient light setup or a harsh, single-light mode where you can even control the position of the light.

Scene Lock

Lock down your scene to stop touch-based interaction, so that your assets can't be accidentally moved while you're looking at your scene.

Precise Control

Use gestures or the precision sliders to scale, rotate and translate your asset. All dimensions are instantly updated to keep everything real-world accurate.

Session Warnings

If you're in the middle of viewing your scene, PreviewAR will ask for confirmation before you reset to make sure you don't accidentally leave your session.


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